KEEPOW 16 pcs accessories spare parts Suitable for Xiaomi Roborock S7 T7S T7 Plus vacuum cleaner, Vacuum cleaner cleaning kit, 8 side brushes + 6 filters + 4 pads, strong cleaning power

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  • Wide compatibility: Suitable for Xiaomi Roborock S7, S7+, T7, T7plus vacuum cleaner
  • High-quality materials: 1. Wet wipes are made of microfiber material, feel soft, strong water absorption, the material does not fade at high temperatures, does not shed and is simple and beautiful. 2. The filter is made of composite PP + PET material, which can effectively filter dust and clean the air. 3. The side brush is made of soft silicone material with stable chemical performance and long service life. Will not support the floor.
  • Box contents: For roborock s7 accessories includes 6 HEPA filters, 6 side brushes, 4 wipes.
  • Strong cleaning power: For Roborock s7 wipes have good moisture absorption and can effectively remove hard stains, water stains and other floor residues. The 5-arm side broom has a stronger cleaning power, doubles the efficiency of cleaning edges.
  • Service : Double for quality and service you can buy with confidence.

Part Number: partnumber_15141

Details: KEEPOW 16 Piece Accessory * Parts Pend for Xiaomi Roborock S7 S7+ T7S T7 Plus Vacuum Cleaner, Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning Kit, 8 Side Brushes + 6 Filters + 4 Pads, Strong Cleaning Power. A good partner for sweeper robot sweeper accessories. Product advantages: Microfiber wet wipes can be used for both dry and general purposes, effective decontamination, high temperature and no fading, and the design with tight seams does not fall off easily. The side brush is strong and durable and helps the vacuum cleaner clean dead corners. The 5-arm side brush design doubles the efficiency of corner cleaning. The filter can isolate dust, pollen, pet hair and other allergens, purify the air and protect the health of the family. Wide compatibility: ✓xiaomi Roborock S7 ✓xiaomi Roborock S7+ ✓xiaomi Roborock T7 ✓xiaomi Roborock T7plus Effective cleaning: Wet wipes have good moisture absorption and dissipation and can effectively remove stubborn stains, dust, worm stains and other floor residue. Strong decontamination ability. The filter screen can effectively filter out pollen, dust and tiny particles to provide fresh air and prevent secondary pollution. The 5-arm side brush has a stronger cleaning power than the ordinary 3-arm side brush. The vacuum cleaner can effectively remove hair and dirt when cleaning at high speed and does not distribute dust when cleaning at low speed.

Package Dimensions: 6.9 x 4.9 x 3.9 inches